‘What’s Your Biggest Weakness?’

‘What’s Your Biggest Weakness?’

‘What’s Your Biggest Weakness?’ How To Answer Common Interview Questions

Even though it’s one of the most common interview questions out there, everyone hates being asked, “What’s your biggest weakness?” during a job interview. It’s hard enough showing your potential during an interview. How are you supposed to sell yourself to employers when they want you to tell them what’s wrong with you?

Thankfully, answering this question isn’t as hard as you might think. And, you can actually use it to show you potential if you respond strategically.

How To Answer “What’s Your Biggest Weakness?” In An Interview

Don’t lie or come up with an answer you THINK might impress the interviewer (like “being a perfectionist” or “working too hard”). Instead, focus on a skill you’re trying to advance.

For example, let’s say you’re interviewing for a training coordinator role at your favorite company. You love developing training materials and teaching others, however, you get very nervous when delivering your presentations because public speaking isn’t your forte.

Instead of trying to sweep this under the rug, address it, but ease the interviewer’s concerns by sharing what you’re doing to overcome this challenge.

Here’s an example answer:

“I have to admit that public speaking has always been difficult for me because I’m an introvert. It makes me nervous to get up in front of people and talk. However, I’ve learned that this was an integral part of training others, which I love doing. So, I’ve been working hard to improve my public speaking skills by participating in monthly Toastmasters meetings as well as taking on volunteer training sessions for colleagues so I can get some extra practice. Since challenging myself to do this, I’ve noticed a big difference in my confidence level and have felt more capable than ever in my role as a trainer.”

Essentially, you want to convey that you understand you’re weak in one area, but to make up for it, you’ve been working hard to improve that area because you know it’s important in your role.

There’s no need to give a long explanation for this question. Keep it simple and straightforward, and focus on the positives rather than dwell on the negatives.

If you’ve got an interview coming up, be sure to check out our free interview prep guide to practice other common interview questions. Download it for free now!

Don’t get stumped by common interview questions like this one. Instead, go in prepared. The first step is to be honest with yourself and tailor your answers so you can market your skills rather than detract from your potential.



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